Getting Tattoos Abroad (My Story)

A lot of the time trips call for a bit of spontaneity and for many of us that means tattoos… or at least for me anyway! So while backpacking around Europe me and a few of my close friends decided it would be a great idea to get small tattoos while we were on our trip as a sort of souvenir from our adventures. For all of us, we had our own tattoos to begin with so it was no big deal really.

She as we were exploring the many enchanting streets of Prague we did a quick google search of the top tattoo studios nearby, picked the first one our eyes landed on and was there in a matter of minutes. We arrived all full of excitement and Adrenalin to then be told we must come back later (which is standard for tattoo studios) so we grabbed some food then headed back a couple hours later rearing to go!

I’ve got to admit I wasn’t actually planning on getting a tattoo myself in the beginning as I was not willing to fork out 80 euro for a tattoo that would take 5 to 10 minutes and be the size of a pea, but as we arrived at the studio the girls I was travelling with offered to chip in thirds with me as an early birthday present to myself so I could get something (how could I say no to that!). So we all got our silly little tattoos and then went about our day as normal. (I myself got three X’s on the inside of my finger as a tribute to our time in Amsterdam a place I had fallen in love with! And a story I must tell at some point…stay tuned for that I guess!)

A few days later as our tattoos were slowly beginning to heal, we arrived in Rome for the final few days of our trip, we clambered off the bus and into our hostel’s reception area and one of the first things we notice is a poster for a tattoo studio nearby, so to keep the excitement up and beat the waves of sadness that was anticipated for the closure of our adventure, we decided to just say fuck it and go get more tattoos (why not right!).

First of all, this place was significantly more expensive, we had now moved up to 100 euros for a five-minute tattoo, but when in Rome… right? And to top it off these artists barely spoke a word of English, talk about an experience! After many hand gestures and rough sketches, we got there in the end and I walked out with both my hands in plastic wrap, again, feeling that new tattoo buzz.

So I came back home from my travels not much later with four new tattoos and each one of them located on my hands which probably wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made but fast-track to 6 months or so later and I still don’t regret them, in fact, every time they catch my eye now I’m reminded of some of the best travels I’ve ever had to date and I can’t help but smile (cheesy I know, but true). So do I think I’ll get more tattoos abroad… uh FOR SURE!

-Tayla Maree


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