How Wandering Harter Came About (And What’s to Come)

I thought it was best to write about the journey of how this space came about and set the scene a little bit for you guys. I also want to enlighten you with my vision for this blog and what to be expected of me. Although it’s early days and there is only a small few of you on here, every single one of you counts to me! Even if only one person was to read my post, you are important to me and I thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say!

So I want to give you some backstory and an idea of my vision in hopes that you will feel a bit closer to me and this blog.

Where do I even begin… I guess I’ll start with the very early stages of my life, nearing the end of my primary school days, around the ages of 7-12. I don’t remember a lot from my primary school times but I do remember this day in particular.

Our teacher had asked us to write up a short story, at the time I was into horror (possibly a little morbid for someone so young but we’ll roll with it), so I wrote up a short horror story, I remember enjoying the process so much and the writing just flowed so naturally. After finishing my teacher was astounded by the writing I had done and mentioned I had real talent, of course being so young I just took that as a big thumbs up! But her words did stick with me.


As I got older I continued to enjoy writing at school so much I started doing it at home on my mum’s laptop in my spare time. For a start, I would type things out on Microsoft word (maybe something like the 2010 edition), things like short stories, diary entries and just whatever else came to mind really. Then one day I stumbled upon a blog page by a girl named Chloe and was immediately so inspired by her blog I started my own on every single free blog site there was (including this one!).

But for someone so young (only just reaching intermediate stage) I didn’t have a single clue what I was doing and posts became half done to nothing at all and that was the end of it. But as I grew, my love for writing always stayed, I had filled multiple diaries, left many unfinished work documents on my computers (including this bit of writing that I had written many months ago, that has now found its ideal place on this blog) and worked extra hard in all my English classes. But I never came back to the blogging…

Until just recently…

I was travelling back to Christchurch on the coach from a short trip to Kaikoura, New Zealand, the trip had filled my heart with so much joy and gratitude so I took to Instagram to write a meaningful blog post (as I tend to do).

After posting I sat back in my chair and gazed out the window at the rolling hills. For a moment my mind was silent until I started to think back to my post. Thinking of how much I love the idea of writing about my travels for others to read and there was a fire burning inside me wanting to write more than just a short Instagram post. And that’s when I thought back to my ever so short blogging days, ‘maybe I could give it another shot?’, I thought to myself.

… and I kid you not as I was sat on the coach thinking this all through, reconsidering a new potential blog, something popped up in my head… Wandering Harter…

Hmm, Wandering Harter, it has a ring to it, it almost sounded familiar. Wandering, meaning to wander aimlessly a symbol for my love for travel and Harter quite obviously the name I carry as my own and simply contrasting with love.

I grabbed my phone and text my dad,

‘What do you think of Wandering Harter?’

He replied,

‘I wrote a song called Wandering heart once’

And at that moment for some strange reason, Wandering Harter just felt so right.


That same day as I arrived home exhausted from my travels I lifted open my laptop and got stuck in! Since then I have put in every spare minute into making Wandering Harter perfect and I have enjoyed every minute of this journey so far! It really is only early days but starting this blog to write and give advice about travel just seems so right for whatever reason and I catch my self thinking about ways to enhance this blog constantly!

It’s impossible to say what the future holds for Wandering Harter but I am so pulled to write! To write about travel, about things that have moved me and changed me as a person, about this world, for my words to leave an impact on people, to help and inspire them. I want to connect with people and most importantly just write to my heart’s content!

Diving into the blogging world now is far more of the unknown than it was around 10 years ago and far more pressure, the world of social media influences and digital nomads is growing at a very fast pace! But I don’t want to be influenced by those people telling me I can make triple figures through blogging. I want to do this because of 10 year old me wanting to do it, she didn’t care about numbers or status she just wanted to write because it was what she enjoyed doing and she hoped her voice would be heard and inspire others. (let’s just pretend we are back in the early 2000’s, the oh so simpler times)

So that’s what I am going to do. And whatever comes from that comes because even though this is the very beginning of this journey and even if it’s a short journey, I have felt such strong passion and drive to do this. The ideas won’t stop coming to me and I can’t stop myself from coming back to write and I can tell you now it’s a long time I’ve felt this good about something so I’m going to act on it!

-Tayla Maree

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