Home away from home- Bath, England

Home away from home is a new series of mine about my experience living in certain places abroad, stayed tuned for Home away from home-Sydney, Australia. 

Just over a year ago, I visited Bath on a day trip from Bristol by catching the 10minute train from Bristol Temple Meads Station to Bath Spa Station. I remember stepping off and exiting the station following the crowd towards town, above my head was an art installation of multicoloured umbrellas all stacked next to each other along the street I was walking and the colours were so vibrant it was enchanting. As a arrived at a corner a bright red telephone box stood tall in front of me with flowers just blooming from the outside in. I still remember how I felt when I entered Bath that day, I felt that no matter what I had to make it back to this wonderful place once again.

Fast track just a couple of months and I was now living in Bath! Through stagnant online job searching, I managed to score myself a 6-week job at the Bath On Ice, Icerink working on skate hire and bar over the Christmas holidays and sorted a long-term stay at Bath Backpackers right in the centre of Bath. So it was time to say goodbye to my life as a waitress in Birmingham and hello to my new life in Bath, and I couldn’t be more excited!


Working at Bath on Ice was some of the most fun I have ever had in a job, it barely even felt like working to begin with! If you are ever in Bath over the Winter holidays I definitely recommend you check this place out, grab yourself a deluxe hot chocolate and some loaded fries and pop some skates on and get on that ice! Not over in the winter? Well, the owners have now introduced a new addition called ‘Bath on the Beach’ which is happening over the summer season and has kickstarted its first season just these last couple of weeks! Sadly I am unable to make it myself but from what I’ve seen if its anything like that winter version its worth checking out!

Living right in the centre was ideal for me! Bath is small enough that you could walk from one side of the town to the other in just about 15 minutes. Every day I would get up and make my way through the town across the Pulteney Bridge, past the Bath Abbey and over to Royal Victoria Park, ready to start my day at a winter wonderland and every day twice a day it was a walk I would never get sick of.


Everything about Bath to me was just breathtaking, a place with such beauty and class. I was even spoiled enough to live here around the time of the famous Christmas markets that happens from the 22nd of November till the 9th of December. Now I am not a big festive kinda gal myself but man, walking through those Christmas markets each day with the smell of mulled wine and mixed spice in the air, the Christmas tree towering high in front of the church and people all high on the Christmas spirit was giving me a definite change of heart.

On my days off from the ice rink, I spent a lot of my time wandering through the town picking up a chai latte to go and sitting on a bench overlooking the Pulteney Bridge then would proceed to pop in and out of the charity shops dotted around the town (oh man do I miss those charity shops, got myself some great bargains there!), before popping into the library to do some light reading or emails home. Most days were very simple for me but well enjoyed, Bath is just one of those places that make you want to sit in a coffee shop all day nuzzled in a good book while you watch the snowfall out the cafe window. So that’s what I did a lot of the time, Guildhall Market was always a great place for me to pick up my books so if you are into reading like I am I recommend you check that place out!


But some days I was up for a little more and Bath is definitely not lacking in things to do! Some of those things include,

  • Visits to the Royal Cresent.
  • Grabbing an exclusive package to visit the Roman Baths, Therme Spa Bath and Pump Room Dining (or just one, each are individually amazing).
  • Visiting the many museum and galleries.
  • Catch a view of The Bath Abbey and if you get there at the right time you will get the chance to peek inside.
  • Gaze out along The Pulteney Bridge.
  • Take a steep walk up to Victoria Park for the best views of Bath you’ll ever see, for free!
  • Walk around the Prior Park Landscape Gardens.
  • Stroll along the most well-known and eye-pleasing street in Bath, Great Pulteney Street and catch the museum at the end with its lovely backyard and cafe.


I could really go on and I haven’t even touched on all the other temporary events they have going on and ones they keep introducing overtime, you’ll never be short for great things to do and no matter what time of the year there is always a buzz happening around Bath!

My time living in Bath was only short but it was one of the best times of my life to date and the place will always hold a big space in my heart! I count myself lucky to be able to say I lived there and although I am back home in New Zealand now I’ll be sure to go back for a visit again in the future! And if you are even planning on visiting the U.K then I highly suggest you go check this place out! You only really need a couple of days to take it all in so make sure you spare of a few days of your trip to do it, you won’t regret it!

-Tayla Maree

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