WanderingHarter’s One Month Blogiversary!!

 So today marks the day of my one-month blogiversary for Wanderingharter.com!!!

Now I know you’re not all jumping in your seats with excitement, it’s fine, it’s no national phenomenon or anything, but for me, its a reason to celebrate and I am lucky enough to be celebrating in the stunning Queenstown, New Zealand… or okay maybe it was just good timing but I’ll take that!

Exactly one month ago I wrote this diary entry in my journal and posted it to my brand new site (the same one you are on right now!).

Phew, how the time has flown, well I suppose it does when it’s only a month but through a month of blogging the time really has slipped from my fingers and it has been a journey to say the very least.

Through my first month of blogging, I have learned a lot and find I am learning more and more every day.

Some of the things I have learnt is…

Blogging is very time consuming and a lot of hard work but when the passion is there its hard to stop regardless! I myself work a full-time job but find I am spending all my spare time networking and working on my blog! (I mean I’m literally on holiday right now and I still can’t stop!)

Twitter is your best friend! Back in the day, I used to think twitter is just for celebrities but I have soon found that there is a community for everyone on there especially in the blogging community! I have met some wonderful guys and gals and all who are very supportive, I now use my twitter regularly!

There is so much that goes behind the scenes when it comes to blogging. I am still finding it so hard to wrap my brain around it all! But I make sure to take deeps breaths and work on it one step at a time! There’s only so much I have read from those offering words of advice for beginner bloggers, you will very quickly find that there is much more to it that you’ll ever hear from someone else because everyone’s blogging journey is different and customized to them only!

Perfection is something not to be striving for! Boy did I spend a lot of time trying to perfect my blog and I still am today but when it comes down to it the most important part is, in fact, your post’s! (or at least it is for me anyway). I started a blog as an outlet for me to live out my passion of writing and to connect with others so all that extra fluffing about like playing around with themes and social media accounts is fine but not the be all end all of it, especially not at the start, so just write to your heart’s content!

Things like Grammarly, Thesaurus, and editing will become your best friend! No explanation needed!

There’s a lot more where that came from but it’s all part of it and even though sometimes I want to tear my hair out trying to figure out things like hosting and SEO I really couldn’t be happier that I finally made the leap and started this blog!

And although I find myself down loopholes on Pinterest with posts like ‘how to make it big in the blogging world’ or whatever else, I try not to let those things consume me all too much. Because despite the fact I may not be making triple figures (I’m not actually making anything) or have hundreds of thousands of followers, I still couldn’t be happier with the response I have had so far! Because people are actually reading and liking what I have to say so that means the absolute world to me!!!

Like I have said before I have no idea what the future of this blog holds, some days I wish I could know but other days it’s exciting to just take it as it comes!

At least one thing I know is that there are many more months and hopefully years to come for Wanderingharter! Whether it is as a side hobby or as a career, the writing will continue and hopefully, you guys will continue to enjoy reading what I have to say.

I am currently (slowly) working on becoming self-hosted so expect some change coming and expect even more travel stories/tips, ‘wandering thoughts’ talks and everything else in-between. I have many ideas brewing inside of me so I can’t wait for those to arise!

So let’s take this day as an excuse to treat ourselves, you know you want too!

-Tayla Maree

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