Wandering Thoughts- Journal Entries ‘The Start‘

I have created this new blog post series called ‘Wandering Thoughts’ as a place for me to voice what is going on in my head and to start discussions with others about the not-so-lighthearted topics we sometimes dismiss. 



I’m about to embark on my biggest solo adventure.

I have no idea what my life is going to bring, but it’s going to be incredible!

I am chasing my happiness every step of the way.

I’m going to see so much of the world.

Meet a multitude of inspiring people.

I will learn to be the best version of myself, have no fear and look after myself.

Always keep positive, always be grateful. 

I am so lucky in my life.

So I am going to make the most of it.

It’s scary, but I know I’ll always keep up chasing my dreams and my life will be beautiful and so will everyone’s around me.


Over 10 months ago I scribbled this piece into my notebook. I came across it today as I was searching through each page, this one stood out to me.

I’ve been feeling really drained lately, this feeling tends to come over me when life starts to become a bit too much for me.

Some of the times when I feel like this I take to my journals to read the things I have written over the years, the pieces that have come both from the sadness and happiness within me.

It’s funny how my old pieces of writing can seem so distant from the person I am today, The writing above I had written in anticipation for a big trip I was about to undergo and I was at an all-time high.

A lot has happened since I embarked on that adventure, all that was written had become my reality but I have also been confronted with many blocks in the road.

The girl with a positive outlook and the drive for life was shown otherwise and the adventures came to an abrupt stop.

I was forced to move back to my home country and start again, that is where I am at now, and it has been a challenge for me to say the least.

Change sometimes arises when we least expect it too and at times it can feel like everything is against us, but for me I personally believe everything does happen for a reason and we are where we are meant to be right at this moment, life will begin to unfold itself before our eyes once again, our purpose will show.

Although I struggle to keep up a positive mind all of the time I choose to embody the version of myself who wrote the above writing once again. I may not exactly be feeling a big lease for life at this moment but I know like many other occasions this feeling will pass and before I know it I will be writing a new journal entry anticipating the next adventure that is to come.

Things take time and what may feel like an all-time low in this instance is only temporary.

-Tayla Maree

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