Wandering Thoughts-Mental Health

I have created this new blog post series called 'Wandering Thoughts' as a place for me to voice what is going on in my head and to start discussions with others about the not-so-lighthearted topics we sometimes dismiss.  23/08/19 When I was around the age of sixteen I was served up a soup pot of… Continue reading Wandering Thoughts-Mental Health

10 Things I Have Learnt in Two Decades on this Floating Rock we Call Earth

I have always enjoyed reading these types of posts, it is nice to hear what others have picked up over there 20 or so years of living. For everyone, growing up differs and we all learn and grow in our own individual ways but I'm sure one thing we can all agree on is that… Continue reading 10 Things I Have Learnt in Two Decades on this Floating Rock we Call Earth

A guide of what NOT to pack!

Through the history of my luggage post I talked about the journey I went through with my travel packs along with the struggles and changes I faced. Throughout that journey I was confronted with many and I mean many of those 'why did I pack this' moments. So after too many overly priced parcels sent back… Continue reading A guide of what NOT to pack!

Packing Tips to Enhance Your Travels

For me one of the things that help me sleep easy at night is organization. I love to be organized! And that most definitely doesn't stop when it comes to my traveling if anything that is probably where I am the most organized. It never started out this way but fast track a few years into my travels… Continue reading Packing Tips to Enhance Your Travels

The History of my Luggage (Tips I Picked up Along the Way)

There seem to be two types of people in this world, the ones who despise packing and will do anything to put off doing it, and the other half who binge-watch packing videos on YouTube for hours on end and are overly organized when it comes to there travel packs. I, myself, am the second… Continue reading The History of my Luggage (Tips I Picked up Along the Way)