Discharged From Therapy

12/06/2020 Today I was discharged from therapy.  I hadn't been to therapy since I was around sixteen but earlier this year, over 6 years later, I made the decision to give it another try. Last year took a big toll on my mental health and I felt it was time to speak about it and… Continue reading Discharged From Therapy

Wandering Thoughts- Journal Entries ‘The Start‘

  I have created this new blog post series called ‘Wandering Thoughts’ as a place for me to voice what is going on in my head and to start discussions with others about the not-so-lighthearted topics we sometimes dismiss.    28/10/17 I'm about to embark on my biggest solo adventure. I have no idea what my life… Continue reading Wandering Thoughts- Journal Entries ‘The Start‘

The History of my Luggage (Tips I Picked up Along the Way)

There seem to be two types of people in this world, the ones who despise packing and will do anything to put off doing it, and the other half who binge-watch packing videos on YouTube for hours on end and are overly organized when it comes to there travel packs. I, myself, am the second… Continue reading The History of my Luggage (Tips I Picked up Along the Way)

From Paper to Keyboards (The Beginning for Wandering Harter)

7/21 Today is the day I finally gave in and decided to start up an official blog! So give a warm welcome too... "Wandering Harter" Thank you, thank you... So it's finally happened, I disregarded the old blogs I had started up as a young girl on my parent's ancient dial-up computer, and built a… Continue reading From Paper to Keyboards (The Beginning for Wandering Harter)