WanderingHarter’s One Month Blogiversary!!

 So today marks the day of my one-month blogiversary for Wanderingharter.com!!! Now I know you're not all jumping in your seats with excitement, it's fine, it's no national phenomenon or anything, but for me, its a reason to celebrate and I am lucky enough to be celebrating in the stunning Queenstown, New Zealand... or okay… Continue reading WanderingHarter’s One Month Blogiversary!!

How Wandering Harter Came About (And What’s to Come)

I thought it was best to write about the journey of how this space came about and set the scene a little bit for you guys. I also want to enlighten you with my vision for this blog and what to be expected of me. Although it's early days and there is only a small… Continue reading How Wandering Harter Came About (And What’s to Come)

The Moment I Decided I Wanted to Drop Everything and Travel (A Short Story)

I sat at my computer at a loss as I read down once again at the piece of paper enclosed in my hand. 'Please explain in few or more sentences why you are passionate about this course.' I retraced the words back over and over in my head, settling on the word 'passionate' when a… Continue reading The Moment I Decided I Wanted to Drop Everything and Travel (A Short Story)

Getting Tattoos Abroad (My Story)

A lot of the time trips call for a bit of spontaneity and for many of us that means tattoos... or at least for me anyway! So while backpacking around Europe me and a few of my close friends decided it would be a great idea to get small tattoos while we were on our… Continue reading Getting Tattoos Abroad (My Story)

Packing Tips to Enhance Your Travels

For me one of the things that help me sleep easy at night is organization. I love to be organized! And that most definitely doesn't stop when it comes to my traveling if anything that is probably where I am the most organized. It never started out this way but fast track a few years into my travels… Continue reading Packing Tips to Enhance Your Travels

The History of my Luggage (Tips I Picked up Along the Way)

There seem to be two types of people in this world, the ones who despise packing and will do anything to put off doing it, and the other half who binge-watch packing videos on YouTube for hours on end and are overly organized when it comes to there travel packs. I, myself, am the second… Continue reading The History of my Luggage (Tips I Picked up Along the Way)

From Paper to Keyboards (The Beginning for Wandering Harter)

7/21 Today is the day I finally gave in and decided to start up an official blog! So give a warm welcome too... "Wandering Harter" Thank you, thank you... So it's finally happened, I disregarded the old blogs I had started up as a young girl on my parent's ancient dial-up computer, and built a… Continue reading From Paper to Keyboards (The Beginning for Wandering Harter)